Delilah Dawson on what failure is

“I sent queries to every agent on my list. I got some full requests, but ultimately, I had to accept that that book wasn’t good enough. But that didn’t mean I’d failed. That meant that it was time to write the next book.
Failure is part of the system. There is a good chance your first book sucks. You are probably querying too early. You’re going to get rejected. And that’s how you learn. That’s how you level up. That’s how you become a better writer and a stronger person.
The only failure is when you give up.
It might take years. You might have to write several books. You might even get so far as to nab an agent and then fail to sell your book on submission. But that is not failing. Failing is when you stop writing. When you stop learning. When you do nothing. When you don’t show up in the first place.”

Delilah Dawson


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