Brian Doyle on being a storycatcher

“I am here to witness. I was sent to sing. I am here to catch and tell the story of the teacher who ran with a child on her shoulders out of the ash and fire of September 11. I am here to tell you that a man and a woman reached for each other at the high windows in the south tower, and they held hands as they leapt into the void. I am here to tell you that a man carried a colleague 80 floors to the street and then went back in. I am here to marvel at a pope praying with his almost-assassin, to marvel at victims forgiving the murderers of their children in South Africa, to be riveted by all the thin bony nuns who have carried the church on their shoulders for centuries and hardly anyone ever shouted my God without those women there would be no church whatever whatsoever absolutely! I am here to hear all the stories of all the women who have bent every ounce of their souls to love, which is pretty much all the women who ever lived. I am here to see illogical courage and faith. I am here to sing grace under duress.

“I am a storycatcher, charged with finding stories that matter, stories about who we are at our best, who we might be still, because without stories we are only mammals with weapons. I am here to point at shards of holiness. That’s all. That’s enough.”
Brian Doyle


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