Henry David Thoreau is best known for Walden and it’s worth reading as an adult if you haven’t already. But he also wrote accounts of trips he took, including Cape Cod. I took my own trip there recently and found his observations about the fine sand which blows everywhere still ring true.

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“There was a school-house, just under the hill on which we sat, filled with sand up to the tops of the desks, and of course the master and scholars had fled. Perhaps they had imprudently left the windows open one day, or neglected to mend a broken pane.

Yet in one place was advertised “Fine sand for sale here,”—I could hardly believe my eyes,— I thought that if they could have advertised “Fat Soil,” or perhaps “Fine sand got rid of,” ay, and “Shoes emptied here,” it would have been more alluring.”
Henry David Thoreau in Cape Cod


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