Not being certain

Isak Dinasen, best known for Out of Africa, penned these words in one of her short stories:

“Come,” said the Lord again, “I will make a covenant between me and you. I, I will not measure you out any more distress than you need to write your books.”
“Oh, indeed!” said Charlie.
“What did you say?” asked the Lord. “Do you want any less than that?”
“I said nothing,” said Charlie.
“But you are to write the books,” said the Lord, “for it is I who want them written. Not the public, not by any means the critics, but ME!”
“Can I be certain of that?” Charlie asked.
“Not always,” said the Lord. “You will not be certain of it at all times. But I tell you now that it is so. You will have to hold on to that.”
“O good God,” said Charlie.
“Are you going,” said the Lord, “to thank me for what I have done for you tonight?”
“I think,” said Charlie, “that we will leave it as what it is, and say no more about it.”

From The Young Man with a Carnation


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